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The entire range of Porta&Bini products is available in various electroplating finish options: surface metallic coatings that ensure maximum performance, resistance, and durability, with unparalleled brilliance.

Be inspired by a rich selection of finishes, available in a wide range of colors and reliefs, even off the standard list.

The uniqueness of our catalog is also given by collections produced with brushed finishes, crafted by hand, one by one, to give a special discontinuity that makes each piece exclusive, original, and unique.

Color Combinations for Every Style
Choose the Chromatic Base That Fits Your Environment


The choice of tap fittings is of fundamental importance in the design and overall aesthetics of a bathroom or kitchen. In addition to aesthetics, finishes play a crucial role in ensuring the durability, resistance and functionality of fittings.


The most popular finishes for classic-style bathroom and kitchen spaces are:

  • Bronzed: this material gives a warm and traditional look to the fittings, with a golden-brown finish. Bronzed goes beautifully with classic, rustic or vintage furniture, creating a cosy and intimate ambience;
  • Golden: golden finishes exude a refined and sophisticated elegance and are well suited to glam-inspired bathrooms and kitchens, adding a touch of prestige and luxury to the ambience;
  • Granite: this finish offers a natural texture and extraordinarily robust appearance, integrating well with nature-inspired styles or rustic and traditional designs;
  • Coppery: with a distinctive red-orange effect, coppery pairs beautifully with vintage or boho chic inspired bathrooms and kitchens, creating warm and cosy atmospheres;
  • PVD ultra-satin copper: red in colour, tending towards dark copper, uniformly brushed, it gives surfaces the typical metallic effect without the need for a transparent protective coating.
  • Polished brass: shiny yellow on leaving the factory, immediately after the first uses brass undergoes sudden natural colour changes, which make each product unique and inimitable. It is particularly appreciated by designers of the classic English style because it is a process capable of exploiting the natural alteration of colour that this material undergoes with the passage of time.
  • PVD ultra-satin brass: uniformly brushed yellow, it gives surfaces the typical metallic effect without the need for a protective clear coat.
  • Land of France: this finish offers a unique antique effect to bathroom and kitchen items, suitable for spaces furnished in country, Provençal or shabby chic style.


For the design of spaces full of furnishings and details inspired by modern and contemporary design, the ideal finishes are:

  • Chrome: a great classic of faucet finishes, chrome is known for its corrosion resistance and particularly shiny effect. This high-quality finish is ideal for modern, minimalist furnishings, as it lends a contemporary and elegant touch to the space;
  • Graphite: with a dark, sophisticated effect and distinctive metallic reflections, graphite goes well with exquisitely modern and minimalist interiors;
  • Satin stainless: the stainless steel effect is known for its corrosion resistance and extraordinary stain protection; perfect for contemporary environments, it lends a modern touch without being too conspicuous;
  • Matt black: with an elegant and bold appearance, matt black faucets are ideal for modern furnishings that capture attention with a strong visual impact.

Finally, there are finishes suitable for a variety of furnishing styles, from the more traditional to the more innovative and minimalist. In particular, brass offers a warm finish to faucets, matching beautifully with vintage furniture as well as urban-industrial style environments. The silver and shiny effect of nickel, on the other hand, gives a sophisticated touch to contemporary and classic faucets, while the colourful white offers a clean and fresh look to all kinds of environments.

At Porta & Bini, we firmly believe that selecting the right finish can enhance the overall atmosphere of the space and help create a functional and visually appealing environment. Our catalogue offers distinctive designs and a wide choice of finishes that blend in perfectly with the style of the room, the surrounding materials and colours to enhance the bathroom and kitchen and achieve an aesthetically pleasing and lasting result.


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