Land of France

Land of France, a light yellowish-brown finish in a polished style, with its typical double-tone gradient effect, offers a unique and exclusive experience of taps and fittings, enriching both bathroom and kitchen spaces. This antique effect adds a touch of charm and warmth to every room, fitting perfectly with interiors furnished in country, Provencal or shabby chic style.

Originally used by early artists for its chromatic peculiarities, Land of France is an inorganic, natural material, today used to produce fine fittings, both for indoor and outdoor articles, as it is particularly robust and able to resist the absorption of liquids and dirt.

The Land of France effect represents an ideal solution for those seeking a country with a sophisticated environment. With its warm brown shades, this finish stands out with its sophisticated sheen, which gives the fittings a unique antique look. The dual tone shade adds depth and detail, enriching the overall design of the bathroom and kitchen items.

Taps and fitting with a Land of France finish are ideal for spaces furnished in a country style, with its reference to nature and tradition. However, this finish also lends itself to more contemporary interpretations, contrasting harmoniously with modern, minimalist designs, where its warm tone can act as a focal point.

In the bathroom, this finish provides a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, enhancing the washbasin or bathtub, transforming the space into a true oasis of well-being. In the kitchen, sinks with a Land of France finish bring with them the atmosphere of country kitchens and old farmhouses, making the taps and fittings true protagonists of the environment. Taps with this finish integrate perfectly with worktops in natural materials such as stone or wood, creating a cosy and warm environment where cooking becomes a pleasant and convivial experience.

At Porta & Bini you can find a wide selection of taps, showers, kitchen, and bathroom accessories with this particular finish. Land of France product range is designed to satisfy the most refined tastes and to give rooms that rustic and refined taste typical of this effect. With the experience and quality of our products, furnishing rooms with style becomes extremely simple.