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Shower taps are an essential element in the bathroom, as they not only offer functionality and convenience but can also enhance the look of the room. There are different types of shower taps to choose from, each with specific features to suit every preference and need.



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Built-in taps are an elegant and discreet choice for the shower. These models are installed inside the wall, creating a clean and uncluttered look to the enclosure. Among the most popular types are dual lever shower taps: one lever is for controlling hot water and another for cold water. In this way they allow the desired temperature to be easily adjusted and appear as the ideal solution for creating a practical and intuitive shower space.

Another common option in the choice of bathroom fittings is the external shower faucets characterised by their installation outside the wall. Among the different solutions for external taps are dual lever shower taps, which allow for precise and separate management of water temperatures. These types of outside taps add a traditional touch to the shower, perfect for more classically styled environments.

For a compact and modern shower space, shower columns are the most suitable choice. Shower columns integrate several components, such as hand shower and overhead shower, into a single structure, offering a complete and comfortable showering experience.

In spaces frequented by more people, shower risers make a real difference as they allow the height of the hand shower to be adjusted by sliding it along a vertical bar, ensuring a customised and comfortable shower experience for each user.

Choosing the perfect shower tap is a fundamental step in creating a relaxing and functional bathroom environment. That’s why Porta&Bini aims to offer a wide range of shower faucets, designed to enrich the bathroom with style and functionality. Each model is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and durability, so that you can enjoy a relaxing and pleasant shower.

Our mission is not only to offer our customers reliable and durable solutions, but also flawless-looking shower faucets. Thanks to our catalogue full of different designs, we offer the opportunity to harmoniously integrate these elements with any furnishing style. From classic to modern collections, realising a unique and tailored bathroom space becomes extremely simple.