Bath border faucets

Bath border faucets are designed to fit a wide range of models and to meet the comfort needs of even the most demanding customers.

They are perfect for bathtubs with a long, flat rim, as they are installed directly on the edge of the bathtub. When the installation is complete, the end result leads to the impression that the taps and bathtub are as a whole.



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There are two types of bathtub rim taps:

  • single-lever, that allows the temperature and jet to be adjusted with one finger;
  • dual lever, which offers the possibility of choosing the desired temperature and jet by opening the two handles.

Furthermore, bathtub rim mounted taps can be chosen in different colours. For example, you can opt for chrome, which is versatile and perfect in all situations, or for matt black, ideal for customers who have a modern or contemporary style bathroom. Otherwise, you can dare with polished brass or a gold finish, perfect for whoever has a unique style that does not go unnoticed.

To make bath time even more relaxing, you can also install a hand shower next to the taps on the edge of the bathtub: many solutions provide this and allow you to enjoy an even higher level of comfort.

Traditional bathtubs as well as bathtubs with modern and innovative shapes can benefit from the installation of rim-mounted taps, but it is important to make sure that the sanitary fixture has the space and structure to accommodate the faucet.

Since rim-mounted taps blend in perfectly with the design of the décor, they contribute to a clean and harmonious look of the bathroom. Therefore, be sure to choose a model that fits the size and style of the room to achieve an attractive and functional solution.

Let yourself be seduced by the wide assortment of rim-mounted faucets, available in our catalogue in different models, single-lever and dual lever, and various colours. Porta&Bini offers quality bathroom fittings that combine user friendliness, water waste reduction and aesthetics.