Bathroom dispensing spouts

Dispensing spouts in the bathroom serve not only as a functional component but also as a design element capable of adding an elegant touch to the environment. Their role is to provide precise and pleasant water distribution to various fixtures.




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The dispensing spouts in the bathroom come in a variety of shapes and functions to adapt to individual needs. Among the most common types, we find those for:

  • shower, they can be fixed overhead or wall-mounted and can have a flat waterfall or normal aerated flow;
  • bathtub, can feature a flat waterfall jet designed to provide a shoulder-massaging experience;
  • sink, with mixers and spouts that allow for easy and convenient everyday use;
  • bidet, and this fixture can also be equipped with spouts featuring additional functions, such as the adjustable swivel aerator that allows for comfortable use.

It’s also worth considering floor-mounted bathtub spouts: this solution is particularly appreciated for free-standing bathtubs, commonly found in luxury accommodations. This option allows for installing the fixture even in spaces like the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom, providing an unparalleled moment of relaxation for your guests.

Dispensing spouts in the bathroom are increasingly becoming an integral part of the home comfort and wellness experience. Thanks to advanced technologies, these spouts offer customised solutions to meet the diverse needs of users, transforming the bathroom into a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. With a wide variety of types and functions, these spouts are redefining the concept of luxury and functionality in home wellness environments, contributing to creating an atmosphere of comfort and pleasure for the entire family.

Porta & Bini offers a comprehensive catalogue where you can select the dispensing spouts that will best meet your customer’s needs. We have established ourselves as the standard for high-quality taps and fittings. Opting for one of our products from the catalogue means not only selecting a visually appealing addition that seamlessly blends with your decor but also a practical and durable choice.