Tub Line

Tub Line

The perfect combination of modern design and traditional shapes for unique comfort.

How the
project idea was born

The Tub Line was born from the idea of creating a product line for bathtub areas that would cater to the demands of the most discerning interior designers in search of unique and elegant solutions. Each product in the Tub collection is the result of meticulous research, where fundamental elements such as ergonomics, durability, and ease of installation were taken into account. The result is a range of distinctive products that can seamlessly adapt to both modern and traditional spaces, enriching them with a touch of class and functionality.

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Recessed and exposed bathtub columns
Crafted with high-quality materials, the recessed bathtub columns from the Tub Line ensure a seamless integration with the surrounding walls, while the exposed columns become visually striking elements, adding an original touch to the bathroom environment.
Floor-standing and edge-standing bathtub stands
Floor-standing elements allow you to position bathtub accessories exactly where desired, ensuring stability and safety. Edge-standing bathtub stands, on the other hand, elegantly attach to the edge of the bathtub itself, offering a convenient and reachable space for items used during moments of relaxation.
Bathtub spouts and bathtub plugs
These accessories are available in various finishes and designs to perfectly adapt to the various bathroom decor styles. The spouts ensure a uniform and pleasant water flow during bathtub filling, while the plugs, in addition to retaining water, add a touch of discreet elegance to the area.


Dark bronze
Stainless steel
Matt black
Antique nickel
Brushed nickel
Natural Brass
Dark copper


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