Countertop bidet taps

Countertop bidet taps are designed to be placed directly on the surface of the sanitary fitting.

One of the main advantages of this solution is their ease of installation. Since they are installed on a pre-existing hole in the sanitary fitting, they can be mounted relatively easily on any flat, suitable surface. This makes them a versatile solution that can be adapted to different bidet configurations.



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From an aesthetic point of view, bidet countertop taps have a modern look. Their position above the surface creates an elegant and eye-catching visual effect, adding a touch of style to the bathroom décor.

Another important feature of countertop taps is their ease of maintenance. Since they are positioned above the bidet, they are easier to clean and maintain than traditional wall-mounted or built-in faucets.

In addition, the higher position of this bidet tap makes it user-friendly, allowing easy access to the water control lever. This feature can be particularly appreciated by people of different heights and with different usage needs. At the same time, countertop bidet taps can be equipped with a single lever for flow and temperature control, or with two separate levers for hot and cold water. The choice between single and double lever depends on personal preference and the desired level of control over the water.

When choosing countertop faucets, attention should be paid to the finish, which can range from polished stainless steel to fine chrome. Matt or brushed finishes can add a touch of sobriety and style, white gold or bronze finishes add a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Countertop bidet taps are an advantageous and attractive choice for bathroom fittings. Versatility, unique design, user friendliness, ease of installation and maintenance make them a functional and attractive solution, ideal for those who wish to transform their bathroom into a space of well-being and comfort.

Let yourself be tempted by Porta&Bini’s bidet taps: the wide choice of solutions proposed will satisfy the aesthetic and functional needs of even the most demanding customers. Thanks to the care we take in selecting the best collections, we ensure quality and long-lasting products.