Functional Line

Functional Line

Aesthetics and functionality without compromise.

How the
project idea was born

The Functional faucet line was born from the ambition to offer kitchen solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality without any compromises. Our designers have dedicated time and energy to create products that exceed expectations and stand out for their excellence in terms of performance and durability. Every element of the line has been carefully designed to ensure maximum practicality and versatility, offering innovative solutions for every kitchen need.

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High durability and aesthetic versatility
Every element in this collection has been designed to withstand daily wear and maintain its impeccable performance over the years. The clean and simple lines of the designs make these products adaptable to any kitchen decor, allowing for an elegant combination of modern or more classic styles.
Wide range of finishes
The functional collection offers a wide selection of finishes and colors available for necks and handles, allowing for customization and perfect matching with other kitchen elements, adding a distinctive and unique touch to the environment.
Swivel spout function
One of the strengths of some models in the functional series is the swivel spout solution that enhances maneuverability. This feature allows you to comfortably reach every corner of the sink, simplifying daily operations and significantly improving the kitchen washing experience.


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