Multi-way kitchen taps

Carefully selecting a kitchen faucet model is essential because it’s a fixture that grants continuous access to water, used for dishwashing, rinsing produce, cooking, and satisfying thirst. When purchasing such a fixture for either your home or professional kitchen, one critical aspect to ponder is the number of available functions. Multi-way taps come in various configurations, including:

– Two-way;

– Three-way;

– Four-way;

– Five-way.




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Two-way kitchen taps are the most common type, offering both hot and cold water as needed. In single-lever models, you can adjust the temperature by moving the lever left or right, while changing the water flow intensity requires moving the lever up or down. Conversely, two-control taps feature two separate knobs or levers: one for hot water and one for cold water.

While two-way taps provide hot and cold water, three-way taps go a step further by delivering purified water. These multi-way taps feature an internal channel exclusively dedicated to filtered water, directly supplied by the chosen purification system. This separate channel ensures that unfiltered water never comes into contact with the drinking water supply.

The four-way kitchen taps goes beyond providing just cold, hot, and room-temperature purified water; it also distinguishes between sparkling and still water. These multi-way taps feature two distinct channels, both dedicated to pristine water; however, the first channel dispenses still water, while the second exclusively delivers sparkling water. This means you can effortlessly obtain sparkling water by simply lifting the lever on your kitchen faucet.

Lastly, the five-way models cater to those who desire access to up to five distinct types of water supply, all facilitated by a purifier that ensures the water’s quality.

At Porta & Bini, we offer a diverse range of multi-way taps meticulously designed to guarantee safe and convenient access to purified and potable water. Our many years of experience and attention to detail in the production of high quality taps allow us to offer durable, aesthetically pleasing products with excellent performance over time. With our selection of multi-way taps, a seamless and gratifying kitchen experience is assured.