Chrome has consistently ranked among the most favoured and extensively employed finishes in the realm of faucets, owing to its exceptional resistance to corrosion and its bright and shiny aesthetic. This precious finish stands as an excellent selection for modern and minimalist decor, imbuing a space with a contemporary and refined essence wherever it is applied.



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This special finishing effect, applied in the design and production of high-quality faucets, can be customised in various shades, resulting in surprisingly diverse effects.

Specifically, the classic polished chrome finish, characterised by its typical shiny, mirror-like grey colour, imparts an exceptional lustre to faucets, capturing natural light and enhancing rooms. Its corrosion resistance is an additional advantage, ensuring a prolonged lifespan and a low-maintenance. 

Another captivating variation is gold chrome, which maintains the typical chrome sheen while incorporating small 24-carat gold accents. This blend of chrome and gold introduces a touch of luxury and refinement to the fixtures, bestowing them with enviable elegance. The presence of these gold details creates a colour contrast that draws attention and seamlessly integrates into more sophisticated interiors. 


An example of creativity in the use of chrome finishing is represented by Porta & Bini’s Sombrero series, which offers a unique coloured chrome finish for the handles of this distinctive designer faucet. For the creation of this line, all elements of the faucets are chrome-plated, except for the knob, which is painted in vibrant colours like blue, red, or glossy turquoise. This combination of chrome with coloured handles adds a touch of freshness and vitality to the environment, creating an appealing visual effect.

From classic glossy grey to the more delicate gold, to playful and colourful finishes, the use of chrome offers endless possibilities for customising furnishing solutions, accommodating the diverse aesthetic preferences of designers and interior decorators.

Porta & Bini’s offerings include a wide selection of bathroom and kitchen faucet designs, harnessing the qualities of chrome finishing in three variations: classic polished chrome, gold chrome, and coloured chrome.

Our style is characterised by a focus on the functionality and elegance of faucets, never neglecting the importance of ergonomics and practicality. Each element featured in our catalogue is the result of meticulous research for the best materials and a dedication to creating original and modern designs that seamlessly integrate with any type of furniture and atmosphere.