Three-hole washbasins

Three-hole washbasins are a distinctive and functional design choice to enrich the bathroom.
This kind of tap takes its name from its particular installation, with three distinct and autonomous elements directly positioned on the basin. For the installation of this type of countertop taps, the surface must originally have three holes, a central one for the tap spout and two others for the handles that regulate water pressure and temperature.
Although composed of three elements, these taps allow for minimal clutter, with much of their body concealed below the surface that houses them.



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Three-hole taps go perfectly with a vintage furniture line, thanks to the double control that recalls retro elaborated shapes and materials taps.

However, the beauty of the three-hole countertop washbasins lies in their versatility. Indeed, it is possible to select reinterpretations in a modern key, with simple lines and immediate shapes, suitable for minimalist and contemporary furnishings.

Furthermore, the installation of three-hole taps is almost simple, offering a wide variety of options to customise the look of the bathroom. The convenience of having separate spout and handle elements allows the faucets to be adapted to different basin configurations, ensuring a perfect integration with the surrounding décor.

Exploring our collections, the Marea series catches the eye with its round design, reminiscent of the maritime style of décor. Available finishes such as chrome, polished brass and dark bronze add a touch of class to these three-hole basins. The cross-shaped handles, with rounded rudder-like ends, lend a nautical elegance, perfect for those who wish to create a fresh and refined atmosphere in their bathroom.

For a more sumptuous and classic style, the Queen series offers three-hole basins with a majestic design. With different finish options, these washbasins boast levers adorned with touches of white, exuding a regal elegance. The choice of levers instead of handles adds a touch of sophistication, perfect for a bathroom with a unique and regal personality.

Finally, the Lilly series stands out for its modern design. With its X-shaped handles, bold lines and matt black or graphite finishes, these three-hole basins bring a bold, minimalist touch to the space. The design with its clean, bold lines reflects a contemporary style, perfect for creating an edgy bathroom space with a modern spirit.

For Porta&Bini, the focus on excellence and variety is a core part of the company philosophy. Each three-hole washbasin represents the expression of a unique design, studied to offer innovative and attractive solutions. Choosing our products means adding a touch of style and functionality to your environment, giving it an atmosphere of unparalleled refinement and harmony.