Classical Line

Classical Line

A combination of traditional shapes and effects for a contemporary kitchen environment.

How the
project idea was born

The design project of the Classical line is born from the inspiration to create a fusion of traditional shapes and effects, evoking echoes of the past, and innovative solutions for a contemporary kitchen environment. Each element of this line has been carefully shaped to reflect a traditional aesthetic, with soft and rounded lines that imbue a welcoming atmosphere into every kitchen.

The collection offers a wide range of finishes, with the polished brass finish standing out, appreciated by designers for its natural oxidation process, which over time gives each product a unique and inimitable appearance. Every element of the classic line bears witness to a commitment to tradition and craftsmanship, while the shapes and proportions of the elements have been thoughtfully designed to ensure a visual impact of luxury.

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Timeless classic design
The faucets in the classic line are infused with vintage charm, featuring distinctive shapes that evoke kitchens of the past. The unique details of each design seamlessly complement any kitchen decor style, adding a touch of refinement and prestige to the room.
Premium materials and exclusive finishes
The Classical line distinguishes itself with the use of premium materials and high-quality finishes. Craftsmanship ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting resistance, ensuring that every element in the collection retains its elegance.
External side spray and swivel spout functionality
The variety of models in the classic line offers advanced options, including faucets with external side sprays and the swivel spout function, allowing water to be directed to stovetops or sinks at a distance, ensuring maximum flexibility and optimizing space in the kitchen.

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