Built-in shower taps

Built-in taps are a special type of shower mixer installed on the wall, of which only the handle of the mixer is visible. The lever is positioned on a plate support, which blends harmoniously into the tile level, while the flush-fitting shower mixer is concealed under the plate. The clever design allows for a minimalist shower area without taking up too much space.



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The discreet wall installation contributes to a tidy and clean environment, with fewer protruding objects inside the shower enclosure. This is particularly useful for small bathrooms or for creating a space characterised by functional and refined design elements.

When choosing a built-in shower tap, it is important to consider the number of mixer outputs. This number determines how many outlets can be installed and what functions will be available while showering. By opting for taps with three outlets, for example, you can benefit from a greater versatility and flexibility in your options.

These models allow you to control the water temperature, the flow and can be combined with several additional functions, such as a hand shower, a rain shower head and even massage jets.

When choosing bathroom elements, it is crucial to take into account the aesthetics you want to achieve to make the space harmonious and welcoming. Among the products offered in the Porta&Bini catalogue, the built-in taps of the Desirè collection stand out, suitable for the design of a shower cabin and a modern, sophisticated and essential bathroom space.

The built-in taps of the New Old line, on the other hand, are ideal for a bathroom which has a retro atmosphere, an old style comfortable and traditional environments. Each product in the collections offered by Porta&Bini is available in different finishes, from shiny and elegant to matt and rustic ones.

At the moment of selecting a built-in shower tap, it is also essential to pay attention to the quality of the materials used in its manufacture. High-quality taps, such as those offered by reputable brands like ours, guarantee a longer lifespan and impeccable performance.

Porta&Bini’s range of built-in shower taps has been carefully selected to meet the needs of each of our customers, offering high quality products with an exclusive design.