Dual lever swivel sink mixers

Kitchen sinks with dual lever swivel faucets provide the convenience of dual handles combined with the flexibility of an articulated spout. This faucet style offers a range of benefits, enhancing both design and efficiency for a more enjoyable and effortless cooking experience.



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The benefits of double-lever swivel faucets for sink are:

  • independent water flow and temperature control, you can control water temperature and flow independently through the two separate handles. This configuration allows precise and personalised control of water flow and temperature, catering to specific needs. This aspect is particularly advantageous during various kitchen activities, enabling users to easily attain the desired temperature and water quantity.
  • enhanced flexibility with articulated spout, the swivelling spout provides greater flexibility, allowing you to direct the water jet with precision. This feature enhances mobility, making dishwashing and utensil cleaning more efficient, reaching challenging corners, and optimising sink space usage.
  • modern design, the combination of the two separate handles lends a sophisticated and contemporary look to the faucet, making it a stylish element in the kitchen.
  • easy maintenance and hygiene, articulated spouts often feature smooth, protrusion-free surfaces. The absence of hard-to-reach corners reduces limescale and dirt buildup, ensuring long-term faucet efficiency.
  • adaptability to various aesthetic preferences, thanks to the combination of two handles and the swivel spout, two-lever articulated faucets can adapt to diverse user needs and preferences. They are a versatile choice, suitable for those who prefer separate control of flow and temperature and for those seeking greater flexibility in faucet use.

In addition, the possibility to independently regulate water flow and temperature supports water saving by using only the necessary amount of water.

At the same time, double-lever swivel faucets for sinks are highly customisable: you can choose different colours and finishes according to the aesthetic choices of the bathroom itself.

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