Kitchen taps with spring

In the hectic environment of a professional or domestic kitchen, efficiency and practicality are crucial to ensure a smooth cooking experience. With their distinctive U-shape and downward-facing spout, taps with spring are an innovative and highly functional solution.



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Thanks to the distinct shape of spring taps, it’s possible to direct the water flow precisely onto large pots, plates, and utensils. This characteristic proves especially valuable in professional kitchens, where rapid and precise cleaning of substantial quantities of dishes is imperative to uphold efficient operations.

The distinctive feature of kitchen spring taps lies in their ability to effectively clean the surrounding areas, especially the worktop. This ingenious design ensures that even hard-to-reach corners are easily accessible, guaranteeing impeccable kitchen hygiene.

The rod positioned at the base of the U-shaped faucet adds a remarkable level of convenience and user-friendliness. By allowing the faucet to remain stationary with a steady flow of water in the centre of the sink, this function frees the user’s hands, enabling them to concentrate on other tasks without the need to continuously hold the tap. This is particularly useful when preparing food, filling pots and pans, or when a constant flow of water is needed for other purposes.

In addition to their functional performance, spring taps are also characterised by their modern design. The spring on the neck of the tap lends a contemporary look to the room, making them an ideal addition to kitchens of different types and furnishing styles.

The Pro kitchen collection by Porta & Bini represents an exceptional selection of faucet products, meticulously crafted to cater to both professional and household settings. Featuring a predominantly modern design palette, which includes practical spring taps, this innovative range presents a diverse array of options adaptable to any kitchen layout and aesthetic preference, seamlessly integrating into the kitchen’s overall decor.

Distinguished by the use of premium materials and distinctive designs, Porta & Bini’s selection of spring taps assures unparalleled comfort and outstanding performance. The meticulous attention to detail and the careful selection of materials and finishes guarantee the longevity of these products, making them an indispensable choice for those seeking practicality and functionality without compromising on the kitchen area’s elegance.