The minimalist essence that complements any environment.

How the
project idea was born

The creation of the Lexi collection was inspired by the growing demand for minimal and contemporary designs that seamlessly blend with various decor styles. Looking to the already established Forma series as an icon, our team of designers embarked on an aesthetic refinement journey to further perfect its lines and functionality.

The design project focused on crafting faucets that, while maintaining an essential silhouette, exude refinement and precision. The primary goal was to create a faucet that could be the focal point of any bathroom space, uniting beauty with superior technical performance.

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Precise design
Lexi faucets are distinguished by clean lines and a 45-degree angled spout, adding a touch of elegance to the product. The 4 cm long mixing lever introduces a subtle yet impactful detail, making the faucet pleasant to use and easy to manoeuvre.
Quality materials
the collection is crafted from one of the finest materials for faucet production: brass. This material ensures optimal durability and longevity over time, a deliberate choice to ensure that the collection maintains both its beauty and functionality throughout the years.
Premium finishes
available finishes range from the classic options of chrome and polished brass, highlighting the timeless spirit of the collection, to bolder alternatives like matt black, dark bronze, and copper, ideal for imparting a touch of modernity to the environment.


Brushed nickel
Dark copper
Matt black
PVD Ultra-satin brass
PVD Ultra-satin copper