Dual lever basins

Dual lever countertop basins are a classic and versatile choice for creating a space with functional taps that can be adapted to different furnishing styles.
The main distinguishing feature of this type of countertop faucet is the presence of two handles or side levers. Installed right next to the spout, they offer precise water temperature management.
With two separate handles, two-lever taps allow extremely accurate management of hot and cold water. This level of control offers maximum comfort during daily activities, such as washing hands, and saves valuable time during cleaning.



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The user-friendliness of the dual lever design is particularly useful in crowded places, providing smooth and fast water distribution and minimising the risk of wastage.

When searching for countertop bathroom fittings, it is essential to take into account the quality of the materials and the wide variety of designs available. The dual lever basins offered by Porta&Bini guarantee high quality materials and a wide choice of styles, satisfying every need in terms of both performance and aesthetics.

For the creation of a relaxing and harmonious space, the Lilly dual lever basins series is the perfect choice. Characterised by a simple, linear design enhanced by cross-shaped handles, this collection brings a touch of class and elegance to the bathroom. With finishes such as chrome, matte black and dark bronze, the Lilly series washbasins fit easily into any environment, completing the space with the most ideal faucet.

If you prefer a more traditional style, the Old Fashion series is the best option. With cross-shaped handles and spherical details on the sides, these dual lever basins exude a timeless charm. Polished brass, dark bronze and gold chrome finishes combine perfectly with retro-style design elements, creating a cosy ambience with a refined look.

To add a regal look to the bathroom, the Queen double lever washbasins series offers double lever basins in a classic design but with elegant levers instead of cross-shaped handles. With finishes such as chrome, dark bronze and gold, these faucets add a touch of prestige and majesty to the bathroom, reflecting a regal essence in the décor.

Regardless of the chosen style, Porta&Bini’s dual lever basins guarantee a quick and easy installation. Thanks to the countertop models, no complex masonry work is required, allowing the bathroom to be easily updated with a functional, high-quality solution.

Furthermore, the easy accessibility of these double-lever taps makes routine maintenance a quick and convenient operation, helping to keep the bathroom clean and tidy at all times.