Pro Line Grandi Cucine

Pro Line Grandi Cucine

Exclusive faucets for professional kitchens and beyond.

How the
project idea was born

At the heart of the design project for the Pro Line collection lies the desire to combine the excellence of professional kitchens with the domestic environment. Our goal was to transform the culinary experience of every user by providing functional solutions with impeccable design.

Porta & Bini professionals sought to understand the diverse needs of professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts, aiming to create a highly versatile range of products. Each design was shaped to meet practical, durable, and aesthetic requirements.

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High-quality faucets
The Pro Line series boasts a range of faucets constructed from top-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. These faucets are designed to deliver excellent and long-lasting performance without compromises. They are ideal not only for the restaurant industry but also for domestic environments that demand resilience and reliability.
Exclusive design
The products in the collection not only transform kitchen areas into elegant spaces but also represent true design pieces that enhance any environment. Each item in the Pro Kitchens line carries a distinctive detail that adds personality and character.
High practicality
Many models in this collection feature a dual-jet function, allowing for optimized water usage in the kitchen. This innovative feature saves time and resources while delivering high-level culinary results.


Stainless steel


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