Quality and Design Made in Italy, for over 60 years

Since 1958, we have been guided by a single passion: water. An essential element, worthy of enhancement.


From this passion stems our mission: to make each environment unique with high-quality and Made in Italy designed faucet solutions, available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and finishes in various colors and reliefs, even customizable.

From design to realization, each product is entirely designed and created in-house, at our headquarters in San Maurizio d’Opaglio, a location in the Novarese area considered the heart of the Italian faucet industrial district, with numerous historic companies in the sector. In addition to the three owners, who are personally involved in the company’s activities, Porta & Bini employs a qualified and highly specialised staff that has been working in the company for several years.

Experience and attention in every detail

The know-how acquired in over 65 years of activity is the foundation upon which we have built a company that has made technical experience and attention to detail its guiding values for the constant improvement of production quality. The strong dynamic imprint, continuous managerial commitment, and utmost care in every processing stage, under the careful supervision of our internal staff, have made Porta&Bini a reference point for high-end faucet design at the national and international levels. Recognized and appreciated even by the most demanding and high-profile customers as one of the most dynamic realities in the industry, we are now capable of successfully facing the challenges of a market that is continuously evolving in terms of materials, technology, and design.


All Porta&Bini products are available in various galvanic finishes, superficial metallic coatings capable of ensuring perfect brilliance and durability over time.

In particular, to achieve an excellent aesthetic and functional result, we pay particular attention to chrome plating, a surface processing process that involves depositing a thin layer of chrome to produce products with a shiny appearance and solid resistance to corrosion, wear, and abrasion.

The average thickness of the chrome plating on our products is 16 microns, a value that ensures high levels of performance and maximum quality yield.

Environmentally friendly, for a more sustainable future

Our passion for water is reflected, as a natural consequence, in our environmental awareness: every day, at every stage of our production chain, we place sustainability of processes and products at the center, working in constant harmony with the market’s evolution towards an increasingly green dimension.

All our product packaging – from paper to plastic, passing through wood – is recyclable and made from safe and recyclable materials.

In addition to investing in research for the development of new technologies and renewable alternatives, we actively collaborate with partners and suppliers who share our values and commitments towards a more sustainable future, promoting a more responsible supply chain.

Certified and guaranteed production

Attention to every detail, continuous pursuit of quality, and commitment to increasingly cutting-edge production that aligns with new market trends are attested by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for the development and manufacturing of sanitary faucets, issued by TÜV Italia, an international certifying body that guarantees conformity to the highest quality standards in terms of reliability and safety.

This certification has allowed us to refine our business processes over time and become a reference point in Italy and in prestigious foreign markets.

Our presence at the most important international trade fairs in the sector, such as CERSAIE in Bologna and ISH in Frankfurt, has also allowed our brand and products to achieve unprecedented visibility, enjoying unanimous success among an attentive and aware audience.

Thanks to specific tests and rigorous quality controls, we are also able to offer a 5-year warranty on our faucets, a 2-year warranty on thermostatic, electronic, and timed mixers, and a 1-year warranty on showers and flexible hoses, as well as on external finishes of all items.

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