Swivel kitchen faucets

Swivel faucets designed for kitchen sinks are a versatile and practical solution highly valued for their ability to provide numerous benefits in contemporary culinary spaces.



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These faucets are distinguished by their articulated spout, enabling effortless and precise control over the water flow direction and regulation.

Their versatility extends even further, as they are available in various configurations:

  • single-lever faucets, these faucets feature a single lever that allows for easy control of both water flow and temperature. The intuitive nature of a single lever makes these faucets a popular choice for those seeking a practical and contemporary solution.
  • two-lever faucets, these faucets come with two separate knobs, one for water flow control and the other for temperature adjustment. This configuration offers enhanced control and precision when setting the desired water temperature. It is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more traditional feel and precise management of water temperature.

Swivel kitchen faucets have gained widespread favor for a variety of compelling reasons:

  • flexibility, the presence of a swivel spout in articulated taps provides unmatched flexibility. They allow you to reach areas of the sink that might be challenging to access with traditional taps. Being able to direct the water flow in various directions enhances the ergonomic and comfortable user experience, simplifying daily kitchen tasks.
  • simplified cleaning, the extendable articulated arm also simplifies the cleaning process for sinks and utensils. You can direct water precisely to efficiently remove food residues or debris that may accumulate on surfaces, making cleanup more effective and effortless.
  • versatility, articulated faucets bring a touch of modernity and style to the kitchen environment. Their elegant and functional design seamlessly fits various furniture aesthetics, contributing to an overall enhancement of the kitchen’s appearance.

Finally, do not forget that this type of kitchen tap is ideal when you have chosen a deep sink or a double sink: thanks to this solution you can switch from one basin to the other even faster.

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