Built-in single lever shower taps

The bathroom is one of the most intimate and personal rooms in the home, and for many it represents an oasis of relaxation and well-being. When it comes to furnishing this space, it is essential to choose elements that are functional, aesthetically appealing and of high quality. Among the various options available for the shower, one of the most practical and modern designs are single-lever shower taps.

In the field of bathroom taps, the single-lever shower is particularly popular because of its main feature: the ability to control the water temperature and flow via a single lever.

This feature makes it easier for users to operate the mixer, creating a comfortable and pleasant experience.



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The single lever makes it easy to adjust the water temperature. With a simple movement, hot or cold water can be obtained, making the use of the concealed mixer comfortable.

Finally, the ease of installation is a positive feature of single-lever showers that should not be underestimated. Thanks to their compact design and the possibility to recess them into the wall, most models can be installed without difficulty, saving time and additional installation costs.

Available in different finishes and styles, single-lever shower enclosures are the main solution for those who want to create a minimalist and modern shower environment.

Opting for Porta&Bini‘s single-lever shower models means equipping your shower enclosure with high-quality, contemporary design elements. The Forma collection embodies a minimalist and impeccable style for the shower. The round and square models of the recessed fittings give multiple possibilities in bathroom design. The variety of available finishes also provides an extra touch of customisation.

In contrast, the products in the Novel line are suitable for a modern style bathroom. This collection features clean, strong lines and, thanks to the rectangular lever, the Novel series brings a modern touch and an attractive look to the shower area.

The products in the collections offered by Porta & Bini have one thing in common: superior quality and attention to detail. Each item is made from top quality materials and subjected to strict quality controls to guarantee excellent performance and long life. Our company’s professionalism and experience are reflected in the meticulous details and impeccable finishes, offering customers a feeling of luxury and sophistication in their bathroom.