Single lever washbasin mixers

Single lever washbasin mixers are a smart and functional choice for the bathroom. Their growing popularity is due to the many features that make them both practical and attractive.
One of the main advantages of single-lever countertop basins is the capability of these products to fit perfectly into small spaces. Thanks to their compact design and the absence of double levers, these taps do not require much space at the sink, leaving more area available for daily use and for storing other objects. So, if you have to furnish a small bathroom or you want to realise a minimalist and elegant décor, single-lever taps are the ideal choice.



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Another distinguishing feature of single-lever basins is their user friendliness. The swivel lever above or on the side of the faucet allows adjusting the water temperature easily. With a simple movement, hot or cold water can be obtained, making the use of the basin more comfortable and pleasant.

Last but not least, the ease of installation represents a further plus feature of single lever basins. Thanks to their compact design, most models can be easily installed, saving time and additional installation costs.

When selecting bathroom countertop taps, the quality of materials used to make single lever basins and the variety of designs are important factors to take into account. The single-lever washbasins offered by Porta&Bini are made of corrosion and wear resistant materials, and are available in a variety of finishes and styles, guaranteeing an optimal performance for many years and a flawless look.

For lovers of quiet, harmonious spaces, Porta&Bini’s Frida series is perfect. With its soft, sinuous design, these single-lever basins give a peaceful and refined feel to the bathroom. Made entirely of ISI 304 stainless steel, it represents a perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

The Novel series, on the other hand, allows adding a touch of boldness and originality to bathroom space. Each single-lever washbasin in this collection enjoys a unique aesthetic thanks to the rectangular lines of the minimalist, angular design and the different finishes available, such as chrome, matt black and graphite.

For industrial-style environments, the Sombrero series is an irresistible option. With a wide range of finishes, including polished brass, dark copper and chrome, and a gear-shaped handle, these single-handle washbasins add originality to the room, transforming the bathroom into a unique space.

At Porta&Bini, variety is at home. We offer a wide selection of styles and finishes, designed to suit every preference and match with the overall design of the bathroom. Choosing our products means purchasing taps that are the result of unique inspiration, driven by the search for innovative, attractive and functional solutions.