Bathtub columns

Faucets for bathtub columns are fundamental elements in the plumbing system of bathrooms that have a bathtub installed separately from the shower. These plumbing components control the flow of water to the tub, ensuring an efficient and comfortable use of the precious element.




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The choice of taps for bath columns is crucial as these elements must combine functionality, design and durability. Among the most popular solutions are dual control taps that feature two separate handles, one for controlling the flow of hot water and one for the flow of cold water. Also known as dual lever taps, they ensure more precise water temperature regulation, allowing for customised mixing to suit individual preferences.

Single-lever faucets, which combine the control of water flow and temperature in a single lever, are also a must. Thanks to this configuration, they are appreciated for their user friendliness and more minimalist and modern look.

A third alternative is thermostatic taps, which feature a more advanced water temperature control system that keeps the selected temperature constant even during changes in water pressure. This makes thermostatic faucets an ideal choice for those seeking a safe, comfortable bathing experience without sudden temperature changes.

The choice of faucet material is also a relevant factor. Taps for bath columns are available in different finishes and materials, such as stainless steel, brass or copper alloys. Material selection should take into account the desired aesthetics, durability and resistance to corrosives in the bathroom environment.

Let yourself be inspired by the many alternatives for customising bath columns and visit our catalogue. With Porta&Bini you can count on functional and aesthetically appealing products for your bathroom.