Hand shower supports

Hand shower supports are used to store the hand shower without placing it on the floor. They are a functional element that allows you to always have the hand shower easily at hand and to sanitise the rest of the shower efficiently.




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The main types include:

  • wall-mounted, is the most common and traditional solution. The holder is attached to the inside wall of the shower, allowing the hand shower to be held in place or stored neatly;
  • adjustable, allows the hand shower to be moved to different heights to suit different needs.

In addition, some models allow the angle of the hand shower to be adjusted, making the shower experience even more comfortable.

In addition, some models are also equipped with a locking system to keep the hand shower in the desired position without risking accidental movement.

Although their size is often negligible, hand shower supports are irreplaceable because of their advantages:

  • versatility, they make it easier, for example, to rinse hair, wash specific parts of the body, and clean the shower itself;
  • convenience, they allow you to always have a free hand to adjust the water temperature or to shower safely;
  • water saving, they allow the flow to be opened and closed during washing, avoiding waste;
  • ease of installation, without the need for structural work.

Hand shower supports are chosen in materials, colours and finishes that are similar to the rest of the faucet and especially the hand shower itself.

With Porta&Bini you can count on a wide choice of hand shower supports. Due to their practicality and numerous aesthetic and functional benefits, they are an indispensable element in the bathroom. When matched carefully with the rest of the faucets, they can transform this environment into a space of relaxation and well-being. Let yourself be won over by the wide selection of products.