Shower heads

Shower heads are elements that allow water to be dispensed by regulating the jet and, at the same time, they represent a true furnishing element.

This technical component can be installed either on the wall or on the ceiling: in the first case the element is fixed directly to the inside wall of the shower, while in the second case it is anchored directly to the ceiling. While the wall-mounted ones are usually smaller in size, the others can be larger.




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Shower heads offer a wide range of functions to suit everyone’s needs and tastes. In particular, the type of jet makes it possible to distinguish among different models:

  • rain showers, which offer a wide and relaxing flow of water, similar to a pleasant summer rain shower. The gentle, uniform jet envelops the body, giving a feeling of tranquillity and well-being;
  • with a concentrated jet, perfect for those who prefer an energising and invigorating shower. This concentrated jet offers a revitalising massage, ideal for waking up the body in the morning or relaxing after a busy day;
  • cascades, which recreate the effect of a waterfall, with an elegant and regular flow that gently runs over the body. The experience recalls that of a luxury SPA as it gives a feeling of freshness and relaxation.

In addition, the shower heads are available in different materials. Scratch-resistant stainless steel is the most popular finish due to its durability, but there are also other good aesthetic solutions such as brass. In fact, each of them lends itself to match the overall style of the bathroom fittings.

At the same time, the design of this component should not be overlooked: you can choose models with square lines, prefer round shower heads or opt for classic shower heads.

A distinctive feature of shower heads is the quality of the nozzles, that is the end part of the shower head from which the water jet flows, and which is usually made of silicone.

Porta&Bini offers a wide selection of shower heads, available in different models and designs to meet the needs of every customer. Attention to detail and the choice of quality materials make our products reliable and durable.

Choosing the best shower head is important to create a functional and classy environment. With the help of Porta&Bini, you can purchase the product according to your furnishing style to transform your bathroom into a comfortable and beautiful place.