Wall mounted kitchen faucets

Wall mounted kitchen faucets are an elegant and functional choice adding style to your home’s heart. This type of taps, mounted directly on the wall above the sink, offer various design and functionality options.



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In our catalogue, you can choose from:

  • single lever, these faucets feature a single handle for controlling both water flow and temperature. The single-lever handle provides precise and intuitive water control, ensuring simple and practical operation.
  • dual lever, equipped with two separate handles, one for hot water and one for cold water flow. This classic design offers separate temperature control, allowing for precise adjustment of the desired blend.
  • swivel single lever, these faucets have an extended swivel spout that can be rotated and handled with agility. This feature provides greater versatility and flexibility in positioning the water stream, making it easy to reach different areas of the sink.
  • swivel dual lever, combining the flexibility of the spout with separate temperature control offered by the two handles. This design offers the convenience of precise water blending adjustment, along with the ability to direct the flow efficiently thanks to the swivel spout.

Regardless of the chosen type, wall-mounted kitchen sink faucets offer numerous advantages. Besides their elegant and minimalist appearance, they help maintain a tidy countertop by eliminating the need for a faucet mounted directly on the sink. This creates more workspace and simplifies sink cleaning and hygiene.

Moreover, wall-mounted faucets can be an ideal choice for kitchens with modern or traditional designs, seamlessly blending with various interior styles. The availability of different control options, whether through handles or a swivel spout, allows you to customise the faucet to match your personal preferences and specific usage needs.

Discover the elegance and functionality of wall-mounted kitchen sink faucets here at Porta & Bini. With a wide selection of models, including single-lever and dual-lever, swivel or non-swivel, you can find the perfect solution for your kitchen. Maximise workspace and add a touch of style to your culinary space with our high-quality wall-mounted faucets.