Under window kitchen taps

Under window kitchen taps are a functional solution for installing these fixtures near windows or beneath kitchen shelves.




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Designed to fit into tight spaces and specific locations, these kitchen faucets offer a variety of advantages, making them a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for home settings.

The features of under-window taps include:

  • streamlined and practical design, tailored to fit snugly in limited spaces beneath windows or shelves, their compact design facilitates straightforward installation even in small areas. This ensures a discreet presence that seamlessly integrates with the surroundings.
  • user-friendly accessibility, under-window taps are strategically positioned for a comfortable user experience. Placed directly beneath the window or shelf, they provide unobstructed access to faucet controls, simplifying daily tasks in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • elegant and minimalist aesthetics, the concealed placement beneath a window or shelf contributes to a clean and minimalist appearance in the room, adding a touch of elegance and linear simplicity to the overall design.
  • coordinated style, under-window taps effortlessly harmonise with the room’s other furnishings, fostering a cohesive and unified design. This synergy among furniture elements imparts a sense of coherence and meticulous attention to detail to the entire space.

It’s important to note that certain under-window taps also come with a swivelling and adjustable spout, along with a pull-out spray feature, enhancing sink utility and cleanliness.

Explore our catalogue to uncover numerous options for under-window taps that cater to your customers’ needs. Our selection of high-quality materials and various finishes ensures we can meet even the most discerning aesthetic and functional requirements. At Porta & Bini, you can trust in top-tier, enduring kitchen taps that exude refinement.