Deck-mounted kitchen faucets

With a wide variety of options, including single-lever and two-handle models, deck-mounted kitchen faucets are a popular and versatile choice for kitchen sinks. Both options have unique features that meet different functional and aesthetic needs.



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Single-lever faucets are characterised by a single lever which controls both temperature and water flow. Thanks to this features these types of faucets offer several advantages:

  • easy and intuitive use, ensured by the single control point, manageable with gentle movements for precise and immediate control;
  • minimalistic design, thanks to the single handle and essential design, single-lever faucets provide a clean and tidy appearance to the sink, contributing to a modern and minimalist aesthetic;
  • easy cleaning, the absence of multiple handles simplifies faucet cleaning, reducing spaces where dirt and limescale can accumulate.

On the other hand, two-handle faucets have two separate handles, one for hot water and the other one for cold water. If you choose the deck-mounted option, this type of faucets offers specific advantages, including:

  • separate temperature control, providing greater precision in mixing and adjusting water supply to specific needs.
  • classic and linear aesthetics, suitable for kitchens with a more traditional and elegant style.
  • durability, the presence of two separate handles reduces mechanical stress, contributing to the faucet’s longevity.

When selecting deck-mounted faucets, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with the chosen sink’s aesthetic and pay close attention during the installation of individual components. Their position above the sink simplifies the replacement of deck-mounted faucets, making it advantageous for those looking to upgrade or modify their kitchen environment without structural changes.

Furthermore, deck-mounted faucets can be crafted from a wide range of materials, including stainless-steel and brass, offering aesthetic and functional choices for every preference. The extensive selection of materials and finishes makes them a versatile and elegant solution to enhance the kitchen environment, delivering reliable performance and a comfortable, functional user experience.

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