New old

New old

Classicism never goes out of fashion.

How the
project idea was born

The New Old collection was born from the inspiration of Porta & Bini’s designers, eager to create a bridge between the past and present in the field of interior design.

The main idea behind the series is to provide a range of products that evoke the Baroque style, rich in elegant craftsmanship, while incorporating modern solutions to ensure functional and practical use. The result is a harmonious fusion of the timeless charm of the classic and the practicality of contemporary design, giving life to a collection destined to capture the hearts of those who desire a refined, elegant, and comfortable bathroom environment.

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Baroque elegance with modern elements
The faucets in the collection are characterized by their elegant craftsmanship, reminiscent of the Baroque style and its timeless beauty. However, what truly sets them apart is the integration of cutting-edge mixer controls, adding a modern and functional touch to their design.
High-quality materials
Every item in the series is made entirely of solid brass, ensuring great strength and durability over time. The installed cartridge supports more than 500,000 opening and closing cycles, ensuring reliable and smooth operation, minimizing the need for maintenance.
A wide range of finishes
From classic chrome and polished brass finishes to warmer tones like gold chrome, bronze, and dark copper, New Old products are designed to complement every style of décor.


Antique nickel
Dark bronze
Dark copper
Gold chrome
Natural Brass


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