White coloured

The use of the coloured white effect in taps and fittings is an increasingly popular and appreciated choice to give rooms a clean, bright and elegant look. The colour glossy white 001, in particular, is widely exploited for handles and levers, and creates a fascinating contrast with other finishes such as chrome, gold and satin stainless-steel.

The white coloured effect is perfect for different types of environments, from minimalist to more sophisticated furnishings, allowing for a harmonious and sophisticated design.


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One of the main features that makes white finish so appealing is its versatility. Being a neutral colour, it easily adapts to various interior design styles and offers the possibility to blend seamlessly with other elements in the environment. This characteristic allows for experimenting with different colour combinations, enabling designers and interior decorators to express their creativity to the fullest.

Glossy white colour 001 pairs beautifully with modern and minimalist spaces as it enhances the feeling of cleanliness and brightness. At the same time, it can be successfully used in more classic and traditional settings, adding a touch of elegance without being overly intrusive. Its presence contributes to an air of refinement and sobriety in the environment, never going out of style.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the white coloured finish also offers practical advantages. The colour is easily washable and resistant to wear, allowing you to keep the faucets clean and shiny with simple maintenance gestures. The durability of the finish also ensures a long lifespan for the products, making it a worthwhile and long-lasting investment.

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