Single water faucets

Single water faucets are plumbing devices designed to provide a single flow of hot or cold water through a single control.

This type of tap is a practical and functional solution for the bathroom, offering different advantages compared to traditional mixers. These taps, equipped with a single non-mixing lever or handle, deliver water in a single flow, without the possibility of mixing hot and cold water at will.



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One of the main advantages of single water faucets is their ease of use. Thanks to the single lever or handle, dispensing water becomes a simple and intuitive operation. This feature makes them ideal for environments where precise temperature regulation is not essential, such as public bathrooms, guest bathrooms or rooms intended for occasional use.

In addition, single water faucets can be a safe choice for environments frequented by children or the elderly, as a single stream of water cannot accidentally dispense too hot water, reducing the risk of burns.

The wide range of single water taps available in the Porta&Bini catalogue allows finding solutions to suit every type of environment and need. From elegant countertop single water taps to practical wall mounted ones, we offer ideal solutions for public bathrooms and commercial spaces, as well as for domestic and childcare environments.

With a deep-rooted history in the faucet industry, Porta&Bini stands for the production of high-quality faucets. Our product range includes bathroom taps and mixers, carefully designed to offer superior performance and an unparalleled user experience. With our team of experts, we are able to offer a variety of styles and finishes, ensuring that each product matches with the overall design of the space.

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality are the pillars on which our business is built. This has enabled us to gain the trust of even the most demanding customers. Thanks to the wide selection of designs and finishes, Porta&Bini faucets ensure the installation of long lasting shiny taps, which makes our bathroom items aesthetically versatile as well as functional.