Deck-mounted single lever sinks

Deck-mounted single-lever faucets for sinks represent a modern and practical solution for controlling water flow. Characterised by an elegant and functional design, they offer numerous advantages compared to traditional double-lever faucets.
Some of the main advantages of these types of faucets include their design, which is intended to fit any sink surface and enhance practicality, as well as the presence of a single lever that ensures maximum comfort.



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Among the main types of single lever kitchen faucets, we emphasise the single-handle ones, the most common and widely used for their convenience. This model allows a quick and easy control of both water volume and temperature.

What to do when you’re in the kitchen with your hands full of utensils and pots? Choosing a faucet with a pull-out hose allows you to adjust the water flow while extending the water spout.

Compared to models with two knobs, single lever faucets also offer significant space optimization and simplify the cleaning of the entire sink area.

Moreover, this sink model is completely customisable. Indeed, you can offer your clients not only traditional stainless steel faucets but also more creative solutions that can cater to the whimsical or refined nature of your customers. Among the main available options, there are not only various finishes that allow you to perfectly align this accessory with the kitchen’s style but also the possibility to customise the solution that best suits your needs.

Explore our Porta & Bini catalogue and be captivated by the variety of single lever deck-mounted faucets for sinks. With a wide assortment of lines, designs, and finishes, you can discover the solution that will best satisfy your client or pique their interest. Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we have carefully selected only the finest kitchen faucet products in terms of aesthetic appeal, resistance to corrosive elements like limescale, and long-lasting durability.