Bath border sets

Bath border sets are one of the components of the bathtub plumbing system. These devices control the flow of water to the tub, easing operation and ensuring proper water drainage.



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Bath border sets are generally installed on the surface of the bathtub, right on its edge, and are available in different shapes, designs and finishes to match the aesthetics of the bathroom. Their strategic placement provides easy access to the controls, making the bath experience more comfortable and intuitive.

These mixers can be either dual-lever, similar to traditional faucets, or single-lever, where the water flow and temperature is controlled by a single lever. Single-lever mixers are particularly popular for their practicality and modern, minimalist design.

Bathtub border mixers offer precise regulation of water temperature and flow, allowing users to customise their bathing experience. This type of faucet is ideal in certain situations, including:

  • limited space, where the installation of a separate bath and shower might be impractical. Bath border sets allow for a single component that integrates the bathtub faucet with the hand shower, thus making the best use of available space;
  • renovations, as bath edge sets are functional for redesigning the room without having to make significant structural changes;
  • minimalist design, as they are placed on the edge of the bathtub, giving a tidy and modern look to the environment, avoiding the installation of additional wall components;
  • matching aesthetics, as the bath edge batteries can be selected to match the style and design of the other bathroom elements, such as washbasins and sanitary ware, to create a coordinated and harmonious look within the room.

In addition, bath border sets can be a valuable ally in transforming the bathtub into a shower. Adding a pull-out hand shower to the bathtub border sets allows the bathtub to be transformed into a shower, offering a greater versatility in the use of the bathroom.

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