Thermostatic mixers

Thermostatic mixers maintain a constant water temperature over the entire duration of the shower. This is made possible by the thermostatic valve that mixes, automatically, hot and cold water at the desired temperature. At the same time, it reacts to changes in pressure and temperature, adjusting the blend in real time to ensure a consistently pleasant experience.




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The thermostatic valve mixes hot and cold water at the preset temperature and reacts immediately to any change in pressure or temperature in the water supply, re-adjusting the hot and cold water blend.

Thermostatic faucets offer three main advantages in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency:

  • constant temperature maintenance throughout the duration of the shower, eliminating risks of burns or sudden changes;
  • comfort ensured by the constant preset temperature, even if you cut off the water during the shower;
  • by choosing thermostatic faucets, you can save water and energy since they are highly efficient.

Different types of thermostatic mixers are available, the main ones of which are:

  • for shower, models designed specifically for installation in the shower, precisely regulating water temperature to ensure a pleasant experience, avoiding accidental burns;
  • for bathtubs, solutions designed to modulate the water supply with ease, ensuring a relaxing moment.

In addition, thermostatic faucets are characterised by a versatility that allows them to be installed either built-in, giving the bathroom an elegant and uncluttered look, or column-mounted, which is ideal for rain-effect or whirlpool showers.

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