Harmony and simplicity come together to create a refined style.

How the
project idea was born

Metis by Porta & Bini is born from the goal of creating a range of taps and fittings that seamlessly integrate into contemporary-styled interiors. The Metis collection is the result of meticulous aesthetic and functional research, aiming to provide high-quality, durable, and above all, practical products.

The unique raised line on the side of the faucet’s body is one of the key elements of this design project. This distinctive detail adds an original and unmistakable touch to the entire collection, enhancing the fluidity of the forms and captivating attention with elegance and style.

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Contemporary and distinctive design
The Metis faucets are designed for spaces furnished with elements of contemporary taste, where understated elegance and modern design harmoniously merge. Each faucet is meticulously crafted to offer a sophisticated appearance that complements trendy furnishings, adding a touch of class to the spaces.
Strength and long-lasting durability
The Metis series is made using brass, a precious material renowned for its robustness. This choice results in high-quality faucets capable of maintaining their brilliance and impeccable performance even after extended use.
Functionality and versatility
The cartridge used in producing the Metis collection is designed to withstand more than 500,000 opening and closing cycles, showcasing a particular focus on functionality and long-term reliability of the products.




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