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Kitchen faucets play an essential role in the home environment, providing the necessary water for daily activities. However, to navigate the wide range in our catalogue effectively, let’s explore the main types to choose from and their features.



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Wall-mounted faucets are installed directly on the wall above the sink. They offer a compact and elegant solution, freeing up counter space. Suitable for kitchens with a minimalist or traditional style, wall-mounted faucets are appreciated for their clean and uncluttered aesthetics.

On the other hand, deck-mounted faucets are installed directly on the sink or countertop. They are a popular choice for modern kitchens and can be easily installed or replaced. Available in various shapes and finishes, deck-mounted faucets seamlessly integrate with the kitchen’s style and design.

Swivel faucets feature an extended, swivelling spout that allows for greater flexibility in positioning the water flow. This feature is particularly useful for reaching challenging sink corners or for wide sink basins. Ideal for functional and versatile kitchens.

Faucets for under-window sinks are designed with a swivel or foldable spout. This allows easy opening and closing of the window when the sink is positioned beneath it. An excellent choice for kitchens with a window layout above the sink.

Also worth considering are faucets with a spring-loaded mechanism, featuring a button or lever that keeps the water flow active when pressed. This functionality helps conserve water, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for the kitchen.

Furthermore, multi-way faucets offer the possibility of having two faucets in one, saving space and avoiding the need for extra devices on the sink. This versatility makes them suitable for installation with modern water filtration systems.

Another solution is single-lever faucets that control both flow and water temperature with a single handle. This intuitive and functional design simplifies usage and provides precise control of the desired temperature.

Highly popular and appreciated are models equipped with a pull-out sprayer, which can be extended and easily used to reach different areas of the sink for dish and utensil cleaning.

Finally, industrial faucets draw inspiration from models used in professional environments such as restaurants or laboratories. Characterised by robust design and advanced features, these faucets are ideal for modern kitchens with an industrial or contemporary style.Explore Porta & Bini’s extensive selection of high-quality kitchen taps and fittings. Find the perfect faucet for your kitchen, whether you prefer a classic or modern style. Choose from wall-mounted, deck-mounted, swivel, under-window, and many other types to meet your functionality and design needs. With options like single-lever faucets, pull-out sprayers, and multi-way faucets, you’ll surely find the ideal solution to make your kitchen efficient and captivating. Trust in the quality of Porta & Bini for your next kitchen faucet and transform your culinary space into a realm of convenience and refinement.