Bathroom tap accessories

Bathroom tap accessories are items and fixtures used to enhance and complete the room’s interior design. These are often elements that serve a functional purpose, as seen in the case of concealed stop valves and water spouts.



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Concealed stopcock taps, also known as built-in stopcock valves, are hydraulic devices installed within the walls or structures of the bathroom. These are bathroom accessories designed to control the water flow to individual hydraulic elements or groups of elements, such as sinks, bidets, or showers.

Bathroom water spouts, also known as barrels, are points of water exit within the bathroom that allow you to direct the water flow to hydraulic elements such as sinks, bathtubs, or showers.

Before choosing bathroom tap accessories, it’s important to ensure several elements, including:

  • style consistency, with particular attention to the lines of the taps and fittings;
  • taps type, opting, when there is enough space available, for single lever or two-lever taps for the entire bathroom;
  • space optimization, through smart choices aimed at making the bathroom a liveable and comfortable environment;
  • focus on target users, when possible, it’s important to consider who will be using the bathroom tap accessories. For example, if the client is an elderly couple, a toilet hand shower may be a practical solution that allows them to maintain their independence without the risk of accidents.

Furthermore, all bathroom accessories must be securely positioned for the users and those responsible for their maintenance. In this regard, for instance, it’s advisable to install recessed shut-off valves where they can be easily accessed.

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